Public Q&A

All students, parents, teachers and principals are eligible to nominate teachers they deem as caring teachers.

For enquiries, please contact

No, you can submit any number of nominees. However, all nominations are to be made on the prescribed forms obtainable from schools or nominate online at

All nomination forms, either the online submission or hard copy forms are to be submitted by 13 Oct 2017. Hard copy nomination forms are to be submitted to the schools of the nominated teachers.

For a list of schools and their mailing address, please click here.

School Q&A

There will be two categories of winners – School Level winners and National Level winners.

All nomination forms are to be submitted to the respective schools by 13 Oct 2017.

School Level Awards

The School Level Awards offer schools a means to acknowledge their most 'Caring Teachers' through a preliminary selection. Nomination forms from the public should be submitted to the schools of the nominated teachers, and each school may select up to a maximum of five winners. For mixed-level schools, they can submit a total of 10 winners – five from each level.

Upon receipt of the winners' names from the schools, the CTA 2018 Organising Committee will provide specially designed award certificates that schools can present to these winners. These teachers will then be officially recognised as 'Caring Teachers' and thus serve as important role models within the school.

Nominations are invited from the public between 31 August and 13 October 2017.

National Level Awards

Schools may then nominate one of their School Level winners for the National Level Awards. Mixed-Level schools may nominate two teachers for the National Level awards, i.e. one Secondary level teacher and one Junior College teacher, or one Primary level teacher and one Secondary level teacher. In their submission to NIE, schools will need to indicate the nominee for the National Level Awards.

Submission form and only the original nomination form of the National Level nominee should be forwarded by the school to:

Caring Teacher Awards 2018
c/o Public, International and Alumni Relations Department
National Institute of Education
1 Nanyang Walk, 01-02-08
Singapore 637616

Schools have till 17 November 2017 to submit the names of the School Level winners and National Level nominees to NIE.

Short-listed nominees will then be interviewed by a panel of judges comprising representatives from NIE, ExxonMobil and external organisations.

The judges will select one teacher each from a primary school, secondary school and junior college/centralised institute as National Level winners.

Successful candidates will be informed through their Principals and be invited to attend the CTA 2018 Award Ceremony in April 2018.

Yes, Schools can download and display the CTA logo, with a link to, on their websites between 31 August and 13 October 2017 when nominations are open. Please ensure that the CTA logo guidelines are met.

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